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By Everett Potter Many airline passengers seek to avoid those hefty checked-bag charges that the airlines levy by resorting to traveling only with carry-on luggage, using bags that seem to run the gamut of shape and size. The result is that aircraft bin space has emerged as the most hotly

By Everett Potter It’s hardly news that many travelers are concerned about germs and diseases when they fly these days, especially in the midst of the current Ebola virus crisis. But in the airborne petri dish that contemporary aircraft have become, fliers may well be worrying about the wrong things.

Everett Potter Mention the phrase “travel agent” to many travelers, regardless of age, and they can’t imagine why they would ever use one. It’s easier and faster than ever to book a hotel, airline ticket or car rental online, and there are user reviews everywhere, so why would anyone need

By Everett Potter Everyone knows that Las Vegas is all about non-stop gambling, risqué shows and partying that goes on night and day. Or is it? From my USA Today column, here are five myths about what may be the most misunderstood city in the United States. Continue reading …

By Everett Potter All-inclusives? Aren’t those resorts where the drinks are watered down, the beaches are crowded and the accommodations are pretty minimal? Not exactly. The best thing about all-inclusives might just be that this one-price vacation gives you peace of mind and eliminates wallet shock at check out. But

Coffee, Tea or Me? A lot has changed since the cornball 1960’s book of that title, which allegedly spilled the beans about glamorous, flirtatious flight attendants (or stewardesses in the parlance of the era). Here are five myths about flight attendants that we’re happy to dispel before your next flight.

By Everett Potter For many fliers, encountering air turbulence is the most challenging aspect of any flight. The effects of turbulence, which can cause an aircraft to shake and move suddenly and erratically from side to side or up and down, can be distressing and even frightening, sparking fear that