The Frick Collection

By Bobbie Leigh The Frick’s must-see exhibition, Zurbaran’s Jacob and His Twelve Sons: Paintings from Auckland Castle is not to be missed.  The monumental paintings are based on the Hebrew Bible, Genesis 49:1-27 where Jacob, son of Isaac and grandson of Abraham,  gives his 12 sons  deathbed   blessings and predictions. The

By Bobbie Leigh The English writer  Stevie Smith liked  to write about characters who disappeared into the objects of their gaze. In one of her stories an office  girl goes to the National Gallery during her lunch break and studies  Turner seascapes  until “the spray reached out and sucked her

Reviewed by Bobbie Leigh Where can you  see a world where everyone is happy, healthy,  and  meticulously dressed in the latest fashion? Nine  iconic  Pierre-Auguste Renoir paintings at The Frick Collection  fit the bill.  They  are  Renoir’s gift to us.  Forget about the criticisms you are likely to hear—too  sensual,