By Julie Snyder Part One It was, I’ll admit, an ambitious itinerary. Five Nordic countries in 17 days. 1,524 miles by plane. 611 miles by ship. 465 miles by train. 72 miles on foot. Rather like travel speed dating. I called it a Scandinavian Sampler. My husband, Joe, called it

By David McKay Wilson On the first night of summer, we strolled the beach at Tylosand, that fabled resort that was gearing up for a hectic six weeks of music, revelry, and sunbathing along the breezy shores of the Kattegat. Over the dunes at the Hotel Tylosand, tango aficionados learned

By Richard West In the world of mystery fiction cold Scandinavia is the hot spot these days. Increasingly readers are discovering Norway’s Jo Nesbo and Karin Fossum, Iceland’s Arnaldur Indridason, and everyone (including my cat, Fenway) has read the late Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy (“The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”,

By Mary Alice Kellogg Like many of us, SpaWatcher thinks "sauna" and "Sweden" are words joined at the hip. But after a visit to Stockholm's sleek Sturebadet, she now thinks Sweden and "Sami Zen" is an even better match.