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By Brian E. Clark I’ve hiked, biked and cross-country skied in Door County, the forested, fingerlike peninsula that juts into the northwest corner of Lake Michigan. But for an entirely different experience, I recently spent several days sailing in sometimes high winds in the Bay of Green Bay off Door

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    By Sandy MacDonald To be a landlubber on this storied isle is to miss out on 71 percent of its glory: its watery surround. Alas, the skills drilled into me at Point O’Woods decades ago have dissolved amid the mists of time, so I won’t be skippering any time

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By Brian E. Clark When I lived in San Francisco, I drove past Redding on Interstate 5 numerous times on my way to kayak whitewater rivers north and south of the Oregon border, cycle around Crater Lake, attend plays at the Shakespeare Festival in Ashland and ski at the Whistler/Blackcomb

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By Brian E. Clark Thom Burns grew up in Dewitt, Iowa, a small town far from any ocean. In fact, the Pacific was about 2,000 miles to the west and the Atlantic was 1,000 miles east of his home. He’d never sailed until he joined the Navy directly out of

Catamaran in Polynesia.

By Brian E. Clark When Davis Hansen was growing up in Pasadena, Calif., he earned a small-boat sailing merit badge from the Boy Scouts. And until recently, the 33-year-old said he was interested in learning how to sail a bigger boat. But after his most recent trip, a seven-day outing

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By Brian E. Clark It’s about a dozen miles as the crow flies from the village of Bayfield, WI to Stockton Island in the southwest section of Lake Superior. But on a recent three-day sailing trip in this extraordinarily beautiful corner of North America, my ski patrol buddy, Dave Cushman,

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By Larry Olmsted Forget about crowds or spring breakers. Even when travel returns to “normal” after the current pandemic, there will be an emphasis on low-density destinations, the great outdoors, and close-knit time with friends and family, and this kind of trip addresses all of those. “This is the Caribbean