By Ann Abel There’s no doubt that Portugal is having a major moment. Each article that calls the country a “best-kept secret” is more amusing than the last. Word is out: Following a local renaissance and an international realization that the country is a tremendous value, visitors are flocking to

By Steve Jermanok October is the ideal time to visit Portugal. The weather is still warm, summer tourists are long gone, and the wines are being harvested. If you truly want to experience the authentic Portuguese culture—tour little known wineries and dine at mom-and-pop seafood restaurants that only a local

  By Mary Alice Kellogg It’s no secret that Port is Portugal’s most delish export, but a visit to the Douro Valley, from whence all port and wine blessings originate, is an eye-opener. Think Napa, but with centuries-old vineyards clinging to steep hills plunging down to the river, twisting narrow

By Mary Alice Kellogg It’s difficult to fall in love with a city at first sight, but Oporto was an exception for me. A UNESCO Heritage site, it is one of the oldest cities in Europe, developing on the northern bank of the Douro River in the Middle Ages. And

  By Mary Alice Kellogg Portugal is a country that enjoys its traditions without being chained to them, reveres its history, lives fully in the present with an enviable lifestyle and embraces the future with sophisticated savvy from lifestyle to design. What’s not to love? After all, the Age of