Half Dome and waterfalls from Glacier Point. This was a very bright scene during the middle of the day. But using exposure compensation helped saturate the colors and avoid a washed-out photo. Story and Photos By Karen Glenn I stood in the shadow of Half Dome reading the Yosemite calendar

Don George. Interviewed by Everett Potter San Francisco’s Book Passage bookstore is one of the great American independent bookstores. Anyone with more than a passing interest in travel literature also knows it as the home of the Annual Travel Writers and Photographers Conference, which this year has expanded to cover

Napkin, 2009. Hendrik Kerstens Reviewed by Deborah Hay         When Henry Hudson, sailing on behalf of the Dutch East India Company in 1609, stumbled upon the river that would later bear his name, he opened the way for the Dutch colonization of the island we now call Manhattan. To