by Deborah Hay In 1931, Mexican muralist Diego Rivera was enjoying international celebrity, and New York’s fledgling Museum of Modern Art was eager to mount a retrospective of his work. Throughout the ‘20s, Rivera had painted monumental frescoes, commissioned by the Mexican government, reflecting his country’s history and the socialist

At the Lapin Agile. Reviewed by Bobbie Leigh Pablo Picasso, 1881-1973,  is with us now more than ever.  Visit the Met,  MoMA, and the Jan Krugier Gallery and  you will have begun  the equivalent of Picasso 101. The next step is to read the three volume "A Life of Picasso"

The Wright at The Guggenheim. By Bobbie Leigh New York City museums are catching up –- to Paris, which boasts the knockout George restaurant in the Pompidou, and to England's dazzling glass box of a restaurant on top of Oxford's Ashmolean Museum. The newest  New York  museum dining incarnations are

Reviewed by Bobbie Leigh Imagine that everything you might ordinarily throw away was kept in your house for a year. Then think 50 years. Unimaginable, except in China during the Cultural  Revolution (1966/67) where some householders squirreled away everything from

Reviewed by Deborah Hay   La Chaise by Charles and Ray Eames           On a recent visit to the design galleries of New York's Museum of Modern Art, I overheard more than one visitor declare a personal kinship to an item in the newest exhibition.     "Wow! We