By Marc Kristal British double agent Guy Burgess passed government secrets to Russian spies in the bar. MPs arrived in the lobby via a secret tunnel connected directly to Parliament (for illicit liaisons as well as lavish luncheons). Winston Churchill convened a special covert operations council there, and guerilla warfare

  By Joan Scobey For anyone who eschews a starter and a main course for a couple of appetizers, because that’s where the most interesting dishes usually are, a heartening  “small plates” trend is gaining ground. Think Spanish tapas-style menus applied to all kinds of food, from Indian to English

Joan Scobey Every winter London transforms the courtyards and front gardens of some of its finest palaces, museums, historic landmarks, and just plain appealing attractions into ice skating wonderlands. Visitors join Londoners in some of the city’s grandest and most beautiful settings to see a new part of town, and

A Pearly Queen and King in the East End (Dalma Heyn photo). By Dalma Heyn The East End of London was once as high on a tourist’s must-see list as the Kibera slums of Nairobi. 

Panto at Hackney Empire, London. by Joan Scobey Shouting at actors on stage is the kind of raucous behavior that would ordinarily get you thrown out of a London theater. But there I was, in a boisterous audience of grownups and kids, having the time of my life yelling at

  A converted stable in Winchmere Hill, London. Planning a trip to London this year? Think about renting an apartment for your stay. An apartment or house provides a lot more space than a hotel room. And it’s almost always a better value. There are hundreds of apartments for rent