By Catherine Sabino Italy may be best known for its epochal cities and dazzling seaside havens, but the country’s hilltop towns and borghi—medieval throwbacks found from the Alpine north to Sicily—also draw throngs of visitors—more than three million trek to San Gimignano alone each year. While the most popular hilltops

Italy Tuscany

By Mark Sissons In a city globally renowned for its exquisite sense of fashion and beauty, the challenge of launching a new boutique five-star hotel is substantial. However, La Gemma Hotel, designed by the esteemed Italian architect Tito Bellini and owned by the Cecchi family, a passionate Florentine clan deeply

sailing ship

By Brian E. Clark In my decades as a writer and photographer, I’ve been lucky to knock around much of Europe and even live abroad a couple of times. But I was clueless when it came to the Tuscan archipelago off the west coast of Italy in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Until this

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By Beverly Stephen Is it okay to admit we basically went to Rome to eat? We did meet up with some family for a reunion, but by unanimous consent, it was a pasta-fueled one. Blame it on Stanley Tucci. His “Searching for Italy” series stirred up cravings. We did manage

Lake Como

  View from Varenna of Lake Como. Photo Everett Potter   By Everett Potter Several times a year, I’m fortunate enough to cruise up and down the deep waters of Italy’s mountain-fringed Lake Como. I have explored the tourist sights and lesser-known villages, the stately streets of the city of

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By Larry Olmsted Rome is known as the Eternal City for good reason – year in and year out it is one of the best places on the planet to enjoy an urban vacation. When I walk around Rome I can’t help but wonder if the locals are jaded, since

Italian palace

By Catherine Sabino Lying close to Venice and prime wine-producing regions, Verona offers a robust food and wine culture, splendid art and architecture dating from ancient times and world-class cultural offerings. It’s a place where the past becomes the present, in both headline-making and everyday ways. The city’s extraordinary Roman-era amphitheater

Snow covered Italian mountains

By Catherine Sabino Madonna di Campiglio, a mountain resort in Italy’s Dolomites, has long been a draw for prominent names, attracting Habsburg monarchs (Emperor Franz Joseph and Empress Elizabeth) in the late 19th century, and more recently, digital “royalty,” like the influential blogger/entrepreneur Chiara Ferragni. While Campiglio may not be

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By Ann Abel People tend to talk about Puglia as if it’s just one place—the heel of Italy’s boot, a place of ancient olive trees, whitewashed masserie, the domed little hobbit homes called trulli. It’s a place that celebrates family, slow living, and long lunches under the Adriatic sun. That

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By Mark Sissons Long before modern celebrity A-listers like George Clooney, Richard Branson, Gianni Versace and Madonna owned posh waterfront villas here, Lago di Como, the jewel in Northern Italy’s crown of glittering mountain lakes, was a popular retreat for Europe’s wealthy and famous. As far back as ancient Roman