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Story & photos by Chris “Chez” Chesak When most people conjure up a mental image of Bermuda, they certainly envision fabulous pink and white beaches, azure blue waters, businessmen dressed in nappy shorts, and, invariably, couples. While the island, still officially a British Overseas Territory, is a fantastic haven for

Story and photos by Chris “Chez” Chesak We didn’t choose Paris; it chose us. We had exhausted most options from our family ‘bucket list’ of destinations and had given up on any ‘big’ trips for our girls’ spring break. We would settle, it would seem, for a camping trip or

Story & photos by Jessica Genova When you’re vacationing in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, it comes as a bit of a shock when one of your travel companions keeps turning to you to ask: “When are we going to see the pretty part?” Sure, the