by Mark A. Thompson When you grow up in a plant seed nursery, perhaps it’s only natural that your creative dreams pulse with polka dots and pumpkins, as is the case with artist Yayoi Kusama. Raised in Matsumoto, Japan in the shadow of World War II, Kusama found solace in

Artists Sketching in the White Mountains. Winslow Homer. Reviewed by Steve Jermanok By most accounts, Winslow Homer had a sardonic sense of humor. In his studio in Prouts Neck, Maine, where he created his best known works, hangs a sign in bold black letters that reads: "SNAKES!  SNAKES!  MICE!"  The

Abraham Lincoln Carte de Visite. Photo by Mathew Brady. Courtesy New-York Historical Society. Reviewed by Betsy Wade Yes, we're up to there with Lincoln: No history institution can pass up a bicentennial. But the New-York Historical Society, which opened its Lincoln show Oct. 9, almost eight months after the anniversary,