Deborah Hay

  General Motors Oldsmobile Two-Door Sedan, 1955; with trailer. Yonezawa Gangu. Yoku Tanaka Collection. Reviewed by Deborah Hay If you fancy vintage cars, baby-boomer memorabilia or cool mid-century design, there’s big fun to be had this summer at the Japan Society in New York. Buriki: Japanese Tin Toys from the

Napkin, 2009. Hendrik Kerstens Reviewed by Deborah Hay         When Henry Hudson, sailing on behalf of the Dutch East India Company in 1609, stumbled upon the river that would later bear his name, he opened the way for the Dutch colonization of the island we now call Manhattan. To

Reviewed by Deborah Hay   La Chaise by Charles and Ray Eames           On a recent visit to the design galleries of New York's Museum of Modern Art, I overheard more than one visitor declare a personal kinship to an item in the newest exhibition.     "Wow! We