Costa Rica

A well-known destination for eco-adventurers, Costa Rica’s abundant wildlife, warm beaches, and natural beauty are hardly a secret. However, the small surf town of Montezuma is home to a little-known gem of a property that delivers all that Costa Rica has to offer, and so much more. This spring we took

By Steve Jermanok At the southernmost tip of Costa Rica, Lapa Rios is a 1,000-acre private rain forest perched above the Pacific Ocean. 16 spacious bungalows feature hardwood floors, bamboo walls, and vaulted thatched roof ceilings created from local palm trees. Yes, those outdoor showers are solar-powered and more than

Filmmaker John Canning of Media Sherpa visited Michael Kaye of Costa Rica Expeditions to see how this pioneer of eco tourism is helping his guests give back to the locals.

Cari Gray Costa Rica has a staggering number of affordable lodges and resorts to consider, and it’s a challenge picking the right places to stay — and the best ways to get there. In and Out of San Jose If your flights require staying in San Jose, there are good

Ed Wetschler The Second International Planet, People, and Peace Conference pretty much kept me indoors, but that’s not the only reason it took me several days to figure out that Costa Rica was being hit by a hurricane. The news I saw when I went online was mostly about Haiti,

Hitesh Mehta. Authentic Ecolodges: The Definitive Guide? By Ed Wetschler Hitesh Mehta, an expert on sustainable travel, says that the 36 properties in his new book are the most authentic ecolodges on the planet, so he named this large, photo-rich tome Authentic Ecolodges. Some people are just good with titles.

Sustainable Tourism: What’s the Definition? By Ed Wetschler “Sustainable tourism is like safe sex,” says Lelei TuiSamoa LeLaulu at the Planet, Peace and People conference in Costa Rica. “The rules are very simple, but if you break any of them, you’re dead.” No wonder people work double-time to define those

The view from Il N’gwesi Community Lodge. Ed Wetschler DAY ONE: Planet, People, Peace Sustainable tourism: an oxymoron? That’s the pessimists’ view, an argument that the travel industry, even at its best, diverts land from better uses of it, erodes local traditions, results in a lot of jetfuel emissions, and