BikeHike Adventures

  By Everett Potter Starting an adventure travel company is no easy task. Developing it into a dynamic and financially successful endeavor for nearly 25 years is something else. For a woman in a male-dominated field, it can be even more of a challenge. So meet Trish Sare of BikeHike

What’s the Deal: BikeHike Adventures is a Vancouver based global adventure travel company that offers guided tours to 30 destinations worldwide. Their new self-guided vacations program features five self-guided cycling tours throughout France and Switzerland. Self-guided travel remains to be among the fastest growing sectors of the active travel market. The

What’s the Deal: BikeHike Adventures is offering an early booking incentive for 2013 trips. During the month of October, any two travelers booking the same 2013 trip will receive 25% off one of the bookings. Backstory: Travelers can choose from any of BikeHike’s 53 active tours worldwide. Trip styles include