Reviewed by Bobbie Leigh Robert Hughes, the esteemed art critic and historian, who died two  months ago, claimed that Aboriginal art was “the last great art movement of the twentieth century.”  But where can you see it?   According to  Thomas P. Campbell, director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 

By Steve Jermanok If you happen to be in Sydney this coming February, make your way to Circular Quay and the 30-minute ferry to Manly Beach. From February 11-19, 2012, the birthplace of Australian surfing will be the home of the Australian Open of Surfing. Grab your “cozzie” (Aussie slang

Tanonga Luxury Eco Lodge. By John Grossmann After you swim with the sea lions or dolphins or southern bluefin tuna, or possibly even brave a cage-dive encounter with great white sharks off South Australia's waiting-to-be-discovered Eyre Peninsula, there's now an alluring spot to retreat to back on terra firma. That