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By Everett Potter Five of the best adventure travel companies around have just released a fresh crop of new adventure trips for 2024. Some of them are staking out a claim to fairly untrammeled places – Cape Verde, for example. Others are rethinking wilderness trips in North America. As popular

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By Everett Potter In the world of adventure travel, multi-sport trips are now often referred to as multi-adventure trips. This may be because “adventure” sounds so much more adventurous than “sport” does. Regardless of the nomenclature debates in the marketing department, they mean pretty much the same thing. It’s a

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  By Everett Potter For a small country, Ireland has a remarkable wealth of dramatic sites, hidden corners, and amazing discoveries. The problem is that left to your own devices in a rental car, a GPS and an itinerary on your iPad, you’ll have a great time but you’ll only