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By Everett Potter My favorite hotels in 2011? I stayed in some pretty wonderful places, but here are three where I’d gladly check in tomorrow morning: ROOM WITH A WATER VIEW Who knew that Park Hyatt could offer a hotel experience as smooth as the best Four Seasons Hotel? I

By Everett Potter If there’s a single reason to travel to the Canadian capital of Ottawa in the middle of a chilly winter, it can be summed up in two words: Rideau Canal. For several months each winter, the 7.8 km serpentine canal that runs through the heart of the

Everett Potter Mention the term “bed & breakfast” and two versions of my traveling life come to mind. I think of glacial breakfasts in formal Victorian-era dining rooms where fruit cocktail and elaborate culinary fantasies involving preserves, frozen waffles, and whipped cream come together. There are memories of rooms that

  By Everett Potter If you gear up for a delay each time you fly, you’re savvy indeed. Flight delays have become so common that more than 20 percent of all flights in the U.S. run late year after year. So the savviest travelers leave equipped with fully charged and

  By Everett Potter Tired fliers often think about how nice it would be to stretch out across a whole row of economy-class seats and take a nap. But let’s face it: airline seats were simply not designed for napping. That is, until Air New Zealand introduced its “Sky Couch,”

  By Everett Potter   When Andrew Schrage discovered that his seatback TV wasn’t working on his JetBlue flight from Chicago to Boston, he didn’t wait until he landed to complain to the airline. Schrage, an editor at the website, tweeted @JetBlue before the plane took off, and the

By Joan Rattner Heilman It’s not all about fish at the Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut.  Along with watery wonders like exotic jellyfish, toothy sharks, and slithering stingrays, the newest programs are all about creatures who walk on the land, fly, and maybe do some swimming as well.  For example, the

By John Grossmann Most everywhere in America is a good place on the 4th of July. But Portland, Maine, is an especially great place to celebrate the de facto kickoff of summer.  Three recent Independence Day visits to this charming coastal community have driven home the many pleasures of Portland,

By Mary Alice Kellogg An Arizona native, SpaWatcher wonders: where’s the resort where views from an award-winning restaurant include wild horses roaming free in the desert distance, luxe rooms incorporating true spirit of place … and a spa sanctuary where authentic local plants and tribal culture come together in singular

Getting Steamy in the Blue Lagoon. By Everett Potter There’s nothing quite like an active volcano to alert people of your existence. The eruptions of the  Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland last spring severely disrupted air traffic in Europe and put this North Atlantic island at the center of the news.