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Like old wives’ tales, the great travel myths seem to have a life of their own. Changing times and technology have rendered them obsolete, but still, they endure. So once and for all, let’s put 15 of the most stubborn myths to rest. 1. YOU CAN NEVER FIND AN AIRFARE

Which car rental company is the best? Only a few come close to that sweet spot of tech innovation, cool cars, a price you can handle, and a frequent renter program that gets you off the lot as fast as possible. But remember, what works for large corporations with corporate

It’s hardly news that flying is no fun anymore. Blame it on cramped seats, disgruntled airline workers and fellow passengers on the verge of air rage. Airports are jammed, security lines are lengthy, and onboard service is rudimentary at best. Chances are you’ll spend longer than ever on your flight

There’s no hotter travel topic, if you’ll pardon the expression, than green vacations. With global warming weighing on everyone’s mind, many travelers are suddenly examining how their habits affect the earth. But what is green travel? It’s more than just renting a hybrid car the next time you go on

Anyone asked to name a low-cost airline five years ago might have said JetBlue, Southwest Airlines, Song or Ted. But they wouldn’t name any of those airlines today. Not when JetBlue charged more than $450 for the two-and-a-half-hour flight from LaGuardia to West Palm Beach this winter. And with Southwest

If you think that the bathroom toilet is the least hygienic part of any hotel room, think again. "It’s the TV remote control," advises Allison Janse. "The remote control is never cleaned yet people are touching it a lot." If that’s news to you, it then listen to what else

1. DON’T CALL ROOM SERVICE. Dine out, not in. At many hotels, room service prices are inflated beyond restaurant prices. Then they’re topped off with an 18 percent gratuity, plus a delivery charge and taxes. Not to mention a blank line inviting you to add yet another gratuity. 2. DON’T

  When I stayed at the Four Seasons Resort Whistler in Canada’s British Columbia last year, a hotel employee casually mentioned that all the rooms were privately owned. "You mean they’re fractionals?" I asked. (A fractional is a popular style of vacation ownership in which the owner typically buys the

It was on a recent Thursday afternoon that my wife discovered that her passport had expired some two months earlier. She was scheduled to take a business trip to Jamaica the following Tuesday. Panic, and some quick Googling, and not a few phone calls followed, from both of us. She

How do you make the journey by air a little more bearable? By paying attention to the details. Here are five tips to make your next flight more comfortable. USE YOUR PHONE TO CHANGE YOUR TICKET What do you do if you’re in the airport and your flight is canceled