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THE DEAL: Swiss International Air Lines SWISS Business Class Fares on SaleTHE DETAILS: Book now through February 6 , 2009, for round trip travel valid from February 2 through April 30, 2009 from Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Newark and New York's JFK to Switzerland. SWISS claims these fares are

Getting to the mountains by air is usually the toughest part of any ski trip. A 10 minute lift line? A half-mile of double black diamond moguls? No sweat, compared to a snowstorm at LaGuardia, a missed connection in Minneapolis or a mechanical delay in Houston. But the good news

 1. Shop Hard for Fares    I've been watching Christmas week fares rising, falling, rising again and then slipping back, as the airlines use their yield management programs to fill aircraft during this economic free fall. Don't see a fare that you like? Wait 24 hours and check again, especially on

There probably hasn't been a better time in recent memory to disconnect — at least for a little while — from our work. An endless onslaught of dire financial news has most Americans more stressed out than ever. But that, say the experts, is why we should carve out some downtime

With the economy in free fall and airfares stratospheric, it seemed like a good time to talk to Rick Seaney. He’s one of the founders and the CEO of, one of the most enlightened search engines on the web. FareCompare’s killer app is tracking down the cheapest fares faster

Like old wives’ tales, the great travel myths seem to have a life of their own. Changing times and technology have rendered them obsolete, but still, they endure. So once and for all, let’s put 15 of the most stubborn myths to rest. 1. YOU CAN NEVER FIND AN AIRFARE

Which car rental company is the best? Only a few come close to that sweet spot of tech innovation, cool cars, a price you can handle, and a frequent renter program that gets you off the lot as fast as possible. But remember, what works for large corporations with corporate

It’s hardly news that flying is no fun anymore. Blame it on cramped seats, disgruntled airline workers and fellow passengers on the verge of air rage. Airports are jammed, security lines are lengthy, and onboard service is rudimentary at best. Chances are you’ll spend longer than ever on your flight

There’s no hotter travel topic, if you’ll pardon the expression, than green vacations. With global warming weighing on everyone’s mind, many travelers are suddenly examining how their habits affect the earth. But what is green travel? It’s more than just renting a hybrid car the next time you go on

Anyone asked to name a low-cost airline five years ago might have said JetBlue, Southwest Airlines, Song or Ted. But they wouldn’t name any of those airlines today. Not when JetBlue charged more than $450 for the two-and-a-half-hour flight from LaGuardia to West Palm Beach this winter. And with Southwest