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If you've tried to rent a car lately, you may well have encountered sticker shock. Despite the recession, prices for car rentals have skyrocketed.    The reason? Car rental demand is down from a year ago, but car rental companies have been cutting their fleets and holding onto cars longer than

By Betsy Wade     As most of us have found out by now, on June 1, the U.S. snugged up its borders a bit more. After several postponed deadlines, the government enforced a requirement that a citizen returning to the U.S. from Canada, Mexico or any of 17 Caribbean nations

The Chain Bridge, Budapest – Betsy Wade     As a site for a meeting on travel health, Budapest seemed to exert itself to teach by example.     Take our arrival. Grasping passports to be welcomed into Hungary, the unsuspecting passengers of Delta 99, a nonstop from JFK, confronted a sportscreen-sized

Thanks to rampant discounting in the hotel industry, there has probably never been a better time to get a deal on a hotel room using Priceline or Hotwire. Why? Because the discounts on offer in late 2009 are likely to be bigger than ever.

       If I had $1,000 to spend on a vacation this summer, where would I spend $1,000?     That's easy. I'd think of staying in a home. And no, I don't mean the vacation du jour, the "staycation." I mean renting someone else's home.     Renting a condo, a

  (Photo courtesy of the Fleet Street Clinic) By Betsy Wade       "They sit here and they're angry," said Rebecca Acosta, executive director of Traveler's Medical Service in New York, indicating the patient's seat beside her desk. "They hear about vaccinations they should get before they travel and they're

    If you become seriously ill or injured while you’re traveling – that’s ill as in requiring hospitalization – you’ll likely want nothing more than to be at home with your family and your own doctor in a nearby hospital.     But guess who pays to have you repatriated

      Twitter, the 140-characters-at-a-time Web phenomenon of the moment, turns out to be a powerful tool for travelers. It can take you deep into the collective mind of the Internet to find the latest—and often the hippest—information about hotels, restaurants, and airfare deals. And lots of travelers are discovering the

OpenSkies is an airline that offers two-class seating in 757's with a maximum of 64 passengers on board. It aims to succeed where other companies have failed in offering a less expensive way to fly transatlantic in business class. It's also a subsidiary of British Airways, which gives it deeper

    One flight to the islands can save you money. So find out if an island has nonstop service from a major U.S. hub such as New York, Atlanta or Miami. If so, it's a reasonable bet that it ranks as an affordable paradise. After all, it's cheaper to pay