On the Road

By John Grossmann The large, six-over-one-pane windows are open to the cool night air—both in our bedroom and the spacious sitting room—providing not only a felicitous cross ventilation but also a rare and privileged experience for a third floor San Francisco hotel room. The virtual absence of urban noise. A

By Geri Bain Norwegian (a.k.a. Norwegian Air Shuttle) first caught my attention while looking for a one-way flight from New York to Stockholm for my daughter’s summer internship in Sweden. I wanted an open return since we planned to piggy-back on her experience with a family trip to an as-yet

By Kay Showker Yes, Cuba is an island in the Caribbean Sea.  Her terrain is similar to other Caribbean islands, but different.  Her history is similar, but different.  Her culture is similar, but different.  Indeed, almost everything about Cuba has some similarity to her Caribbean neighbors but Cuba is a

  Story & photos By Melissa Coleman “Alaska, take back your winter,” has been a common complaint in the lower 48 this winter and last. “Gladly,” the snow-starved Alaskans reply. Winter, after all, is what Alaska is known for, and when much of the fun happens. Especially March. March is

By Shari Hartford The five boroughs of New York are a warren of neighborhoods. Each community is unique in its inhabitants, cuisine and culture…they are their own microcosms. Some are instantly recognizable and some require a more in-depth journey. Recently, I explored two of the most iconic and food-oriented such

By Gerrie Summers Just a few days after returning to the States from a trip to Switzerland, I realized one of the things I loved the most about the Swiss capital. As someone who has witnessed the destruction of old brownstones in Brooklyn for the creation of modern atrocities, I

By Jules Older Photos by Effin Older When my fellow Americans tell me they’re about to visit Australia and New Zealand, I say, “Choose one or the other, not both.” For their European trip, I give the opposite advice. “While you’re in Paris/London/Amsterdam, think about saving some time for Luxembourg.”