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By Brian E. Clark I grew up working for a small dairy in the Midwest, delivering milk in bottles three early mornings a week during my high school days and even on return trips home from college. In the spring, summer, and fall, the sunrises were beautiful. In the winter, it could

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By Buzzy Gordon The southwestern United States is a region that is woefully under the tourism radar of many. Yet the curious minority who are looking for something that is at the same time a bit different but also off-the-charts rewarding would do well to consider northern New Mexico –

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By Evelyn Kanter I’m the American-born daughter of two German immigrants, so wurst is part of my DNA, and my main diet each time I visit Germany. Sometimes I’ll order maultaschen, ravioli-like pockets of dough filled with chopped beef or pork, served either as a main dish or floating in


By Julie Maris/Semel Snow-capped mountains and multiple rainbows sparkled during the two- hour winding drive from Rome’s Leonardo Da Vinci Airport to Abruzzo’s vineyards. The prisms of light illuminated the beautiful and oft-neglected region for drink and nature secreted in the valleys and hills.   Young vintners, as well as

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By Dawn M. Barclay My firstborn, Maki and I have been on a teahouse kick ever since we first visited Tealuxe in Boston, probably 23 years ago (unfortunately, now closed). Since then, we’ve sampled unique teas, pastries, and scones with jam and clotted cream wherever we could:  the Empress on

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By Beverly Stephen The corn predictably “looks like it’s climbing up to the sky.” The tomatoes are as sweet as candy.  The beaches are heavenly. The snail’s pace traffic is hellish. It’s August in The Hamptons. Just as predictably, everybody—or at least a good portion of New Yorkers looking for

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Words & images by Deborah Loeb Bohren When I travel somewhere new, I like to immerse myself in the local cuisine to get my bearings. My preference is for small, out-of-the-way places without a tourist in sight. But in cities like Tokyo — with over 13 million residents, 1,000 train

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By Bart Beeson There is perhaps no better way to discover the soul of a city than through its food. The main ingredients, the spices, and the preparation of local dishes are a living testament to a city’s history, the availability of resources, the arrival of immigrants, and the mixing

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By Jeanne Muchnick  I never expected to come back from Seoul raving about its markets and coffee shops but that’s exactly what happened. Yes, there’s history and yes there’s cool “must see” palaces (put Gyeongbokgung and Changdeokgung on your list!), but what really struck me were the street markets hawking

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  Holland’s Zeeland Province is an epicurean delight for lovers of bounty from the sea – but it also offers a lot more to enchant the visitor  By Buzzy Gordon Tucked in between the most visited cities of The Netherlands (viz., Amsterdam) and Belgium (Flanders), sits a region that has