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Andy Levine says that he created DuVine Adventures at his kitchen table with a website and a glass of wine in 1996. Fifteen years later, Levine has built the Boston-based DuVine into one of the leading biking companies in the US, offering wine-infused cycling trips to Italy and France, the

A few years ago, if you wanted to take a cruise from a U.S. port, you didn’t have a lot of choices. If you were dreaming of the Caribbean, you would book a flight to Miami, Fort Lauderdale or Port Canaveral and then set sail. If you lived west of

Years ago, I wrote a book on Brazil. I was happy and privileged to spend months traveling to the Pantanal, the Amazon and Bahia (not to mention Recife, Belem and Minas Gerais, among many other places, with countless adventures along the way). But in the end, I always came back

    Nothing comes close to the bacchanal that is Carnival in Rio, which runs from February 20-25, 2009. Sure, you can book your own trip, but hotel rates are grossly inflated during Carnival. It’s easier by far to peruse the offerings of a company called Brazil Nuts, which offers dozens

The favelas of Rio, ramshackle squatter quarters on muddy hillsides, are best known for intractable poverty and violence. A shining exception within Favela do Pereirao in Santa Teresa  is the Morrinho Project. Started in 1998 by then 14-year-old Nelcirlan Souza, it’s favela-as-Legoland, a miniature world using bricks and actual Lego

    For many of us, Ipanema is the only place to stay in Rio, and with the new Fasano, a Brazilian-owned hotel, design mavens have a home. The all-too ubiquitous Phillipe Starck was enlisted and yes, there are billowing curtains (yawn) a la the Delano. But it gets (a lot)

    Intrepid Travel is not your garden variety adventure travel tour operator. Not when they can arrange for you to spend 15 days traveling through Uzbekistan for $1,360. Plan a month-long trip for you in the jungle and on the beaches of Benin, Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria and Togo for $2,240.

  In the competitive world of adventure travel, the small adventure travel companies can sometimes get lost in the shuffle. Which is a shame, because they can provide the ultimate in personalized service — you’re often dealing with owner of the company as you plan your trip. These small companies

BACKSTORY: If you’re looking for a great, comfortable and quiet room with a terrific view of the half-moon shaped Copacabana beach and Guanabara Bay, you probably want to stay at the Sofitel Rio de Janeiro. Back in the 1980’s, Frank Sinatra opened the then-new hotel when it was called the

Has the idea of vacationing in hurricane-prone areas such as Florida, Mexico and the Caribbean during storm season given you pause? It should, especially after the record-setting year of 2005, which saw the formation of 27 named storms. Fifteen of those storms became hurricanes, and of those, four reached Category