Reviewed by Richard West     “Press my pents and shine my shoes/gimme twenny cents to pay my dews/for I’m goin’ far a-waaay tidday. Be heppa!” This classic cartoon runaway ditty sung by Krazy Kat (perhaps escaping Ignatz Mouse) often comes to my mind just thinking of traveling to Italy, undoubtedly

Reviewed by Bobbie Leigh         Mao outdid the Soviets when it came to socialist-realism.  His dictate, "art for the people," created a kind of dark ages for  artists. From  roughly the 1950's to the1970's, artists were told what they could and could not paint. It's all precisely chronicled in 

With the economy in free fall and airfares stratospheric, it seemed like a good time to talk to Rick Seaney. He’s one of the founders and the CEO of FareCompare.com, one of the most enlightened search engines on the web. FareCompare’s killer app is tracking down the cheapest fares faster

by Dalma Heyn   As the plane dipped onto the Aspen runway a few days ago, I had the odd sensation that it had been raining yellow. The aspen trees blanketing the mountains weren’t a subtle gold, as fall foliage in my home in the east is, but a pop-art

Reviewed by Ed Wetschler THE BACKSTORY: When The New York Times asked me to write an article about Milford, PA, a few years ago, I paid a visit to the Cliff Park Inn. How could I not? Cliff Park Inn has such a rich history dating back to Colonial times

  Reviewed by Richard West “Habent sua fata libelli,” books have their own destiny. Should you doubt the wisdom of the Roman playwright Terence’s aphorism, consider later morphings of Homer’s “Odyssey”: “Ulysses,”James Joyce’s version of the king of Ithaca as ad canvasser Leopold Bloom in his day-long wanderings through Dublin;

  In the competitive world of adventure travel, the small adventure travel companies can sometimes get lost in the shuffle. Which is a shame, because they can provide the ultimate in personalized service — you’re often dealing with owner of the company as you plan your trip. These small companies

Like old wives’ tales, the great travel myths seem to have a life of their own. Changing times and technology have rendered them obsolete, but still, they endure. So once and for all, let’s put 15 of the most stubborn myths to rest. 1. YOU CAN NEVER FIND AN AIRFARE

BACKSTORY: The Maze is a bed & breakfast with one of the most astounding views in Rio, a panorama that includes Sugarloaf and the islands of Guanabara Bay. But it’s also in one of the city’s most astounding neighborhoods; Tavares Bastos, a favela. The favelas of Rio, ramshackle squatter quarters

BACKSTORY: If you’re looking for a great, comfortable and quiet room with a terrific view of the half-moon shaped Copacabana beach and Guanabara Bay, you probably want to stay at the Sofitel Rio de Janeiro. Back in the 1980’s, Frank Sinatra opened the then-new hotel when it was called the