I was having dinner with a New York couple last winter at the Arlberg Hospiz Hotel St. Christoph in Austria, one of the Alps’ most desirable ski hotels. The husband, a Wall Streeter with a townhouse in Midtown, confessed to me that he hadn’t paid anywhere close to full price.

WHY IT’S A CONTENDER: A case can be made that Grand America, a hyper-elegant hotel that’s like a Ritz-Carlton on steroids, is one of the best ski hotels in the US. The kicker is that the hotel is located in the middle of Salt Lake City, a good 40 minute

  Why It’s A Contender: Thailand is thick with spectacular, high-profile seaside hideaways with equally spectacular prices. Rayavadee, a Thai-owned resort near Phuket, offers luxury, excellent service and food, and one of the most breathtakingly romantic settings on earth. All of this comes at two thirds or even half of

Now that winter has finally arrived in North America, it seems like a good time to speak with Nate Goldberg, a man whom I think embodies the very best of winter sports. Nate’s actual title these days is Product Manager-Beaver Creek Nordic Center at Beaver Creek Resort in Colorado. In

  When publicist Rob Kulat traveled from Chicago to the Paris Air Show last year, he did what he always does to combat jet lag. "I reset my internal clock several days before I left," Kulat says, "progressively going to bed earlier and earlier, and waking up earlier and earlier."

  There are few vacations that are more romantic and evocative of place than a European villa rental. And while there are dozens of agencies that rent European villas and homes, there is only one HomesAway. Yes, this Toronto-based company has charming properties in all of the right locations. But

  WHY IT’S A CONTENDER: The inn was originally a limestone schoolhouse that was built in 1989. It was converted in the 1980’s to a luxurious 15-room inn. There are high, vaulted ceilings, cherry wainscoting, and a grand staircase. The inn certainly fits the definition of "warm" and "intimate," with

You won’t find the word "tourist" in most travel magazines, blogs or websites. It’s thought to be pejorative, conjuring up images of a tour bus filled with befuddled Americans, the kind that populated the classic film "If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium." Instead, the word "traveler" is nearly always

  MARIANI’S VIRTUAL GOURMET NEWSLETTER I’m thrilled to announce that Everett Potter’s Travel Report is linking up with Mariani’s Virtual Gourmet Newsletter, which is published weekly by the esteemed restaurant critic and food and wine writer, John Mariani. Mariani is not only one of America’s most respected restaurant authorities. With

WHY IT’S A CONTENDER: Once in a blue moon I’ll drive up to a property and instantly know that I’d be happy to settle in for a long while. And that’s what I felt when I came upon Sooke Harbour House, which overlooks an inlet on Vancouver Island and beyond