Reviewed by Richard West    I didn’t know what it meant either. Quoz: “referring to anything strange, incongruous, or particular; at its heart is the unknown, the mysterious. It rhymes with Oz,” writes the author, adding 378 pages later, “The highest form of travel for me is a wandering

Skiing in a blizzard somewhere above the village of St Christoph in January, I felt like I was inside a freshly shaken Tyrolean snowglobe. The only colors I could detect were the blurred jackets of my friend Tom and Christoph Berger, a third generation Arlberg ski guide. Much is made

      January is traditionally the hidden low period during the ski season, when ski resorts quietly offer lodging deals. But in anticipation of a sluggish 2009, the January doldrums have provoked a veritable avalanche of sharp discounts, rare bargains and outright steals. Just have a look at the following

     The weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year's have traditionally been among the most expensive to visit New York City.     So much for tradition.     This is 2008, and Manhattan hotels are making deals and extending offers like never before. If you want to visit during the holiday

 It's the end of the harvest season in North America, and thus an opportune moment to speak with Canadian writer Anita Stewart. For decades, Stewart has been writing and speaking about the bounty of Canada. She's been dubbed the “patron saint of Canadian cuisine" by the National Post. Call her

                                                                                                                                                              (AVE train, Madrid, photo courtesy Seville Tourism) By Ed Wetschler     I know this will strike you as unmanly –- UnAmerican, even –- but after years of driving rental cars in Europe, I think I'll leave the driving to someone else.     Maybe this change in attitude comes because

Reviewed by Richard West     In the past few weeks, two just-published short books have extended my Italian book collection closer to the J's: a celebration of things quintessentially Italian and an ode to Venice. Italianissimo: The Quintessential Guide to What Italians Do Best is a charmingly designed small-square book

If you’re craving a European fix but the cost of visiting has you down — even with the euro at $1.27 and the pound sterling at $1.63 — how about exchanging your home with someone in Paris, London or Rome? You’ll save a bundle on hotel rates and about half the

There probably hasn't been a better time in recent memory to disconnect — at least for a little while — from our work. An endless onslaught of dire financial news has most Americans more stressed out than ever. But that, say the experts, is why we should carve out some downtime

        It’s probably no surprise that some Caribbean hotels are flying distress flags, offering deals, free nights and value added packages during – of all times – the Christmas vacation week. That is something that was unthinkable in any other year. Yet here are 11 of these offers.