Many journeys are memorable, but frankly, some are more memorable than others. The most unforgettable of all are those I call trophy trips – vacations that rank as adventures of a lifetime. Like flying around the world, biking through Spain or going on an African safari. They can be rigorous

If you were to ask me how you could see Italy on two wheels, I would tell you to check out Ciclismo Classico before you did anything else. The company has made its name as the leader in biking tours of Italy. Yes, they dip into Spain and France, and

  -Bobbie Leigh Some 3,200 people jammed the aisles of Navy Pier in Chicago for the 14th Annual International Sculpture & Functional Art (SOFA) exposition that opened in Chicago, November 1. More than 100 dealers showcased their artists’ work and if one theme or trend emerged, it’s that the object

So here it is, mid-November, and I have friends who are already lamenting the onset of winter. Reminding them that winter is officially more than five weeks away only make matters worse. So for those freezing souls, here’s an idea. How about heading to the Caribbean for a quick fix

Bobbie Leigh San Francisco: " Take your time: Olafur Eliasson" is not just a play on words. It is a signal that this major survey of the artist’s projects at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is going to be an incredibly personal experience. "Experience" is the key word

I’ve been lucky enough to ski in Aspen every winter since the early 90’s and it seems to me that I’ve heard the name "John Clendenin" mentioned each time that I’ve visited. He is one of Aspen’s legendary ski instructors, his name invariably invoked by a local, who speaks as

Story by Ed Wetschler One third of the world’s species of marine mammals reside in or regularly visit the Sea of Cortez, that long, narrow body of water separating Baja California from mainland Mexico. An impressive statistic, when you consider (1) Cat Steven’s stunning insight, "Oh baby, baby, it’s a

THE BACKSTORY: It’s hard to believe that there’s another U.S. resort quite like this one. It was begun in 1928, by an industrialist named Howard Coffin, the man responsible for designing Hudson motorcars. He built The Cloister on Sea Island, a barrier island off the coast of Georgia, a place

The old cliche is that Montreal is like a quick trip to Paris. So much for old cliches. No one in Montreal will correct your French. The architecture, apart from the cobblestone theatrics of Old Montreal, is a tag sale of skyscraper, student and serious design. And while it may

THE BACKSTORY: If you’ve looked at Manhattan hotel prices lately, you know that a weekend in the city has become a pricey proposition. Spending $300, $400 or even $500 a night for less than thrilling digs is not uncommon. Then there’s the Marmara Manhattan. While not exactly a household name,