You won’t find the word "tourist" in most travel magazines, blogs or websites. It’s thought to be pejorative, conjuring up images of a tour bus filled with befuddled Americans, the kind that populated the classic film "If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium." Instead, the word "traveler" is nearly always

  MARIANI’S VIRTUAL GOURMET NEWSLETTER I’m thrilled to announce that Everett Potter’s Travel Report is linking up with Mariani’s Virtual Gourmet Newsletter, which is published weekly by the esteemed restaurant critic and food and wine writer, John Mariani. Mariani is not only one of America’s most respected restaurant authorities. With

WHY IT’S A CONTENDER: Once in a blue moon I’ll drive up to a property and instantly know that I’d be happy to settle in for a long while. And that’s what I felt when I came upon Sooke Harbour House, which overlooks an inlet on Vancouver Island and beyond

(Ladera) On a week long swing through Anguilla, St. Martin and Nevis last May, I was stunned to discover that the best resorts were full of guests. I was surprised because May has long been considered part of the Caribbean low season, which has traditionally stretched from April 15 to

  What is the leading educational travel company? It has to be Smithsonian Journeys, a company that hires experts as trip leaders, crafts unique itineraries and more or less patented the idea of "behind the scenes travel." To learn more, I caught up with Smithsonian Journeys director Amy Kotkin during

WHY IT’S A CONTENDER: This bed & breakfast is located two blocks from Jackson’s town square. The look is Scandinavian, thanks to pine walls and exposed beams. Owners Hans and Nancy Johnstone are both former Olympians (she’s the biathelete and competed in Albertville in 1992; he did Nordic combined at

    Well, ’tis the season. So here are a selection of gifts for travelers and a charitable way to use all of those frequent flier miles that you’ve accumulated. Galen Rowell was one of my favorite outdoor photographers and now 180 of his greatest pictures have been collected in

When my wife Gayle and I contemplated taking our then six-month old daughter Emma to Villars, Switzerland a few winters ago, I wasn’t thinking of Alpine pistes and lazy slope side lunches. I was dreading the thought of the three of us crammed into a standard-size European hotel room. I

If you love the outdoors, chances are you’ve heard of ExOfficio. You may have worn it bonefishing in Belize, rafting in Costa Rica or trekking through Africa. You might even be wearing it now. Founded in 1987, the company that pioneered innovative clothing such as the Baja, Air Strip shirts

WHY IT’S A CONTENDER:  I would willingly strand myself at the Hospiz, a legendary white-walled hostelry with a medieval chapel at its heart ( it contains an enormous statue of St. Christopher and is still used for services) and one of Europe’s most important Bordeaux cellars below.You come for a