What are the basic requirements for a good, affordable hotel room? "A clean, well-lit place," to paraphrase Ernest Hemingway. But if the novelist were traveling to Miami or Chicago today, he might well have demanded an adjustable Garden Sleep System king size bed, yoga equipment and free WiFi. Not to

   “Who is Sylvia? What is she, that all our swains commend her…” Substitute Sylvia for Antea and you have some idea of the love affair between viewers and the radiant portrait, “Antea,” at the Frick Collection. As the superstar of a single painting exhibition, Antea doesn’t hang on the

If the strong Euro means that you can’t make it to Paris for dinner or Lyon for lunch in the foreseeable future, then consider a copy of Anne Willan’s new book, The Country Cooking of France. Willan founded La Varenne, the famed Paris cooking school, back in 1975. The author

With spring break looming, ski rental shops are poised to do box office business. Because it’s easier to rent than schlep your skis through the airport, of course. But for the traveler who needs to rent, the idea of standing in an endless line in a crowded ski shop for

THE BACKSTORY: When the slopeside Four Season Resort Jackson Hole opened in December 2003, the smart money said the hotel would have trouble making the cut in this hardcore ski town. After all, a brand that epitomizes all that is luxe had the temerity to build on a mountain that

    "If you can walk, you can snowshoe," goes the saying. Well, for once, they got it right. But snowshoes, a great excuse for getting outside in winter in much of this country (and during a record winter, no less), have gotten better and better. I was first exposed

by Ed Wetschler      I was snoozing on a soft, sandy beach in Belize when my friends aroused me with a news bulletin: Our hotel could arrange for us to head inland the next morning, hike into the jungle, and rappel down a 300-foot cliff.     A great

Imagine a safari on the Serengeti Plains, surrounded by incredible wildlife, your accommodations a spacious tent replete with oriental rugs and butler service. There are multiple game runs each day, memorable food and drink, guides who excel at their profession and daily experiences that only Africa can provide. This kind

Pressed for time? A short trip can be the way to go—and the way to save To me there are no sweeter words in the English language than "I’m going to Paris for the weekend." Unless, of course, you prefer to substitute London, Dublin, Madrid or Amsterdam for the City

Many journeys are memorable, but frankly, some are more memorable than others. The most unforgettable of all are those I call trophy trips – vacations that rank as adventures of a lifetime. Like flying around the world, biking through Spain or going on an African safari. They can be rigorous