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By Catherine Sabino With summer in full swing, Cannes becomes its own festival, long after the last end credits have rolled at the city’s annual film fête. The Croisette is abuzz, restaurants packed and designer stores brim with the latest in resort luxe. It’s hard to find better settings for enjoying la belle


An ode to the filmmakers’ favorite American town, Mill Valley, California Jules and Effin Older write, take photographs and make films. They live in Auckland, New Zealand.

Spinaker Bow Shot

By Brian E. Clark I’ve hiked, biked and cross-country skied in Door County, the forested, fingerlike peninsula that juts into the northwest corner of Lake Michigan. But for an entirely different experience, I recently spent several days sailing in sometimes high winds in the Bay of Green Bay off Door

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By Everett Potter For those who love European trains, the welcome trend of new high-speed trains and new sleeper train routes connecting major cities across the continent will continue next year and into 2025. I wrote about this summer’s bonanza of new routes in Forbes in April, well before the onslaught

a lone skier negotiates the bumps at Cerro Catedral

By David McKay Wilson South America’s largest ski resort was thumping this August when I fulfilled a lifelong dream to find a dollop winter on a summer vacation to the Andes in Argentina. At Cerro Catedral Alta Patagonia, Latin music throbbed from the summit lodge, skiers and boarders made wide

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By Brian E. Clark In my decades as a writer and photographer, I’ve been lucky to knock around much of Europe and even live abroad a couple of times. But I was clueless when it came to the Tuscan archipelago off the west coast of Italy in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Until this

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By Gayle Conran By definition, New York City is always a buzz, but for many of us, the mid-August slump in Manhattan is a real thing. Everyone has decamped for the Hamptons or Europe, and by now, you’ve more or less seen everything on your cultural bucket list. It’s the

MV Thomas Laighton Docked at Star Island

By Bart Beeson From the rooftop restaurant at Portsmouth, New Hampshire’s AC Marriott Hotel, it’s easy to appreciate how the city was born and continues to thrive as a bustling commercial maritime hub. Ships from all over the world ease down the Piscataqua River to deliver their cargo, passing under


By Everett Potter Would you pay someone to plan a trip for you and only learn where you’re going when you arrive at the airport? That’s the premise of Destination Unknown, a trip-planning company that’s part of Seattle’s Explorer X. Michael Bennett is a co-founder of both and finds himself

Regency Bar & Grill.

By Jeanne Muchnick It was the robe that got me — plush and super soft on the inside; cushy and cozy on the outside — that made me fall in love with my weekend at the Loews Regency New York Hotel. Luxe in all white and embellished with “Loews” on