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The Next Adventure

Chris and Liz Aranosian in Puerto Vallarta.

By Deborah Gaines

I’ve spent most of my life within 20 miles of New York City. But now that my kids are grown, I keep thinking about the apartment I rented in Edinburgh last spring.

The first floor of a gracious townhouse in the West End, the flat was an easy walk to the city’s museums, gardens, and a friendly pub with darts and a trivia night. After a lifetime addiction to BritBox, I could see myself growing roses in the front garden and maybe solving the occasional murder.

Most of us have fantasized about retiring somewhere exotic, whether it’s a cottage on Cape Cod or a Parisian pied à terre. And many actually do: In 2022, about 224,000 Americans moved to a different state for retirement (source: AARP/Hire a Helper), while another 750,000 drew social security benefits from abroad.

How do you make the leap? I spoke with two couples who are planning a move, one in the U.S. and one internationally … continue reading



Deborah Gaines is based in New Jersey when she’s not on the road. Her work appears in Huffington Post, Salon, and AARP, among others. Follow her Instagram at @deborahgaineswriter or visit deborahgaines.net

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