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Glamour (and a Plush Robe) at Loews Regency New York Hotel

Lobby Lounge, Loew's Regency.
Lobby Lounge, Loews Regency. Courtesy of the hotel.

By Jeanne Muchnick

It was the robe that got me — plush and super soft on the inside; cushy and cozy on the outside that made me fall in love with my weekend at the Loews Regency New York Hotel. Luxe in all white and embellished with “Loews” on the outside, it’s exactly the kind of item that makes you want to sit in your room all day, order room service, and leave the outside world (and any issues you may have there!) behind.

It’s also the kind you want to sneak into your suitcase as, once home, it’s guaranteed to whisk you back to that feeling of living the lavish life. In my case, a city weekend away from suburbia.

I had come to the hotel because I had a wedding in town and didn’t want to drive home late at night. Also, I was curious about the food Manjit Manohar recently joined the iconic Upper East Side hotel as executive chef with a mantra to make its Regency Bar & Grill more of a neighborhood hang-out serving modern American, seasonal, fare.


Regency Bar & Grill. Courtesy of the hotel.

Long known for its “Power Breakfast,” where power brokers such as former Mayor David Dinkins and Loews Corporation Co-Chairman Bob Tisch cut deals, the space, with an Old World Art Deco theme, is now less of a place to see and be seen (and talk millions of dollars in discreet booths) and more of a spot where tourists and locals sit side by side enjoying a variety snacks and dishes meant for today’s healthier lifestyles (hello to tzatziki, hummus, baba ganoush, olives and pita crisps). 

Because I had a wedding, I could only do brunch, as opposed to dinner, though the branzino with grilled endives, pickled raisins, and hazelnut sounded enticing (So, too, did the classic strawberry shortcake topped with macerated strawberry and basil.) Instead, I had avocado toast with a poached egg (I loved that I could get my bread gluten-free!) and a side of fresh berries while my husband had a bagel (from New York’s famous Ess-a-Bagel), lox and eggs. (There’s also a Sant Ambroeus next door for takeout where I grabbed an iced latte the day earlier.)

While we’re talking about my husband, I should mention he had his bar mitzvah here many (many!) years ago and was excited to see the ballroom where he shyly danced with his female classmates. But guess what? It’s not here (though the ballroom question is one the concierge at the front desk told me he gets a lot!). When the hotel was renovated in 2013 (it dates to 1963), they reconfigured it into the Julien Farel Restore Salon & Spa and a 1,700 square foot fitness facility featuring state-of-the-art equipment including a medley of Peloton bikes. 

Terrace Suite, Loews Regency
Terrace Suite, Loews Regency. Courtesy of the hotel.

The renovation also included a variety of Signature Suites, each with their own unique designs. “Big” names are behind these high-end furnishings including rooms by Nate Berkus, Haynes-Roberts, Inc. and Rottet Studio.

One — the Uptown Bohemian Suite — designed by Meyer Davis Studio, was inspired by the eclectic vibes of SoHo while The Glamour Suite is an interpretation of what might have been Marilyn Monroe’s Park Avenue pied-a-terre. There’s also a Classic 1970s Apartment, inspired by the glamour of 1970s Milan.

We had a sunny (and quiet!) Terrace Suite with lots of Art Deco touches, a living room, dining area, kitchen, terrace and two bathrooms. And, of course, that gorgeous robe which, in the end, I left on the bed. But not before looking back lovingly before closing the door.

 379 guestrooms and suites starting at $459 in August; $699 in September

Suites starting at $899; $1299 in Sept. All feature Art Deco touches and state-of-the-art technology. Suites range from 700 square feet to 1,550 square feet with views over Central Park, Park Avenue, 61st Street and the New York City skyline. The hotel is situated at 540 Park Avenue at 61st St. More information at 800-23-LOEWS or loewshotels.com


Jeanne Muchnick covers Food & Dining for The Journal News/lohud in Westchester County, New York, part of the USA Today network. The former Travel Editor of Woman’s World Magazine, she’s also written for The New York Times, Endless Vacation, FamilyFun, Parents, SheBuysTravel and Westchester Magazine. The author of Dinner For Busy Moms, she loves food (and wine!) as much as she loves travel. Follow her on Instagram at @jeannemuchnick.

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