June 2023

camper by lake and mountains

By Everett Potter Plenty of travel websites and apps promise to help you plan a road trip in an RV or camper. Then there are those veteran road warriors still using dog-eared guidebooks, atlases, and planning guides to public and private campgrounds, which are unlikely to be up to date.

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By Brian E. Clark When I lived in San Francisco, I drove past Redding on Interstate 5 numerous times on my way to kayak whitewater rivers north and south of the Oregon border, cycle around Crater Lake, attend plays at the Shakespeare Festival in Ashland and ski at the Whistler/Blackcomb

Deaverdura Culinary Tour Spoon (2)

By Bart Beeson There is perhaps no better way to discover the soul of a city than through its food. The main ingredients, the spices, and the preparation of local dishes are a living testament to a city’s history, the availability of resources, the arrival of immigrants, and the mixing

Ruakaka tattoo New Zealand

By Jules Older I’m a YanKiwi, a dual American-New Zealand citizen. Born and raised in Baltimore, I’ve lived in Vermont, New York and California. Oh, and in Dunedin and Auckland; Dunedin’s near the bottom of New Zealand’s South Island; Auckland’s high on the North Island. I tell you this because

small plates of food

By Beverly Stephen Is it okay to admit we basically went to Rome to eat? We did meet up with some family for a reunion, but by unanimous consent, it was a pasta-fueled one. Blame it on Stanley Tucci. His “Searching for Italy” series stirred up cravings. We did manage

Gwangjang Market 2

By Jeanne Muchnick  I never expected to come back from Seoul raving about its markets and coffee shops but that’s exactly what happened. Yes, there’s history and yes there’s cool “must see” palaces (put Gyeongbokgung and Changdeokgung on your list!), but what really struck me were the street markets hawking

Lake Como

  View from Varenna of Lake Como. Photo Everett Potter   By Everett Potter Several times a year, I’m fortunate enough to cruise up and down the deep waters of Italy’s mountain-fringed Lake Como. I have explored the tourist sights and lesser-known villages, the stately streets of the city of


By Everett Potter Nocs Field Issue 32mm Nocs makes a range of compact binoculars that are rugged, waterproof, and have a ridged grip that makes them easy to hold onto and hard to drop (admittedly, the neck strap is a bonus). These are lightweight, do-it-all binoculars and what has made

Brewery LBK Sally Taylor, head brewer

  Story & photos by Mark Orwoll The Blue Light, in the Depot Entertainment District, is one of Lubbock’s favorite music bars. A young man in a cowboy hat comes up on my left and orders a local cocktail called a Chilton (vodka, lemon juice, and soda water). On my

Eastern Scheldt lobster

  Holland’s Zeeland Province is an epicurean delight for lovers of bounty from the sea – but it also offers a lot more to enchant the visitor  By Buzzy Gordon Tucked in between the most visited cities of The Netherlands (viz., Amsterdam) and Belgium (Flanders), sits a region that has