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5 Adventurous Food Trips

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Chef Stefano Righetti on Duvine’s Dolomites + Lake Garda Chef on Wheels Bike TourFOTO SHOP PROFESSIONAL DI JACOPO SALVI/DUVINE

By Everett Potter

Most adventure trips centered around walking or biking offer a taste of the local food and wine. Then there are a handful of unique trips that keep the activity level and ramp up the culinary component. These departures offer cooking classes, foraging sessions, vineyard visits, and guided market tours. Adventure and food are a perfect marriage since expending calories is part of any biking, hiking, or walking trip. Yet these trips are geared more toward the dedicated food lover than athletes.

Here are five trips I’ve unearthed that place adventure and food on the same level footing.

Dolomites + Lake Garda Chef on Wheels Bike Tour

Dolomites + Lake Garda Chef on Wheels Bike Tour from DuVine is packed with the best of Northern Italy. This trip is a six-day bike ride alongside a local star chef, Stefano Righetti, with an insider’s take on local restaurants, wineries, farms, and producers … continue reading

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