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Rewilding Is Redefining Nature And Adventure Travel

From “Abruzzo – Wild Heart of Italy” trip, by Rewilding Europe Travel. UMBERTO ESPOSITO

By Everett Potter

Climate crisis and wildlife extinction are part of the dialogue of nature and adventure travel, but thankfully, so is “rewilding.” Letting nature heal itself and return to a pristine state is at the heart of this movement. So are visionary companies like Rewilding Europe Travel, whose message is “Making Europe a Wilder Place.” Far from merely engaging in talk, the company takes active travelers on adventures in Europe, where rewilding takes center stage. I caught up with one of the principals, Neil Rogers, co-Founder and Director of Experiences for Rewilding Europe Travel, to dig deeper into the movement.

Everett Potter: “Rewilding” is a term that’s suddenly all over social media. But I think there’s some confusion over what it means. Can you explain more?

Neil Rogers: Often, the view of rewilding is that it focuses on restoring lost species, often apex predators such as wolves or lynxes. In reality, rewilding is more holistic and is about letting nature take care of itself, enabling natural processes to shape land and sea, repair damaged ecosystems, and restore degraded landscapes … continue reading

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