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Using Big Data To Help Plan Your Next Vacation

By Everett Potter

What if you could plan your next trip to a busy destination using Google Street View, heat maps of Airbnb, and user reviews, to avoid crowds and be a more responsible and sustainable traveler? You can do that, but Edmund Morris, founder, and CEO of Equator Analytics, can do it better, faster, and with insights that leave the rest of us playing catch up.

I experienced that when I heard him speak at the Adventure Travel World Summit in Lugano a couple of weeks ago.

Equator Analytics is a tech startup that uses big data to help destinations, hotels, and tour operators make travel and tourism sustainable.

“We take as much data as we can, give it to the destination, and hope that they inform their visitors of the best time to visit this place or announce that this museum is very busy at this period,” Morris says. “This is real-time information, and in an ideal world, I would love destinations to look closely at this data” … continue reading

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