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4 New European Bike Trips For 2023

Biking La Via Francigena with Ciclismo Classico. Photo Ciclismo Classico.

By Everett Potter

Seeing Europe on two wheels is always a good idea, especially on a trip planned by experts. Here are four new bike rides for 2023 from some of the best tour operators in the business

Italy: La Via Francigena

Since 1989, Ciclismo Classico has been the go-to company for in-depth Italian bike tours steeped in the culture. Next year, they’re unveiling La Via Francigena, a route that follows pilgrims’ paths. This route was first documented in 990 by Sigeric, Archbishop of Canterbury, describing his journey as he returned to Canterbury. The roads that Sigeric followed became known as the Via Francigena (the road from France) or “Via Romea” (the road to Rome). For centuries, it was used by merchants, clergy, soldiers, and pilgrims. Ciclismo’s 10-day trip begins in the Tuscan city of Lucca and ends 301 miles later in Rome, with stops in such cities as San Gimignano and Sienna … continue reading

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