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Explora Launches Patagonia Super Itineraries

Explora Torres del Paine, Patagonia.

By Everett Potter

For many years, the name Explora has been synonymous with Patagonia, the vast wilderness region at the tip of South America that straddles the neighboring countries of Chile and Argentina. This area has long been one of the grand prizes of travel for intrepid adventurers and Explora set the gold standard for South American wilderness retreats when they opened their first lodge here in 1993.

The company currently operates seven remote luxury lodges in South America and three of those lodges are located in Patagonia. Now Explora has come up with a way to link all three properties in Chilean and Argentinean Patagonia on a series of seamless Explora Connects Super Itineraries. Combining options for stays at multiple Explora lodges in Chilean Patagonia and Argentinian Patagonia … continue reading

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