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Green Book Global Is The Go-To Guide For African American Travelers

Green Book Global. Courtesy Green Book Global.

By Everett Potter

The start of Black History Month is a good occasion to reflect on The Negro Motorist Green Book, which aided African Americans as they traveled travel through Jim Crow America. It was conceived and first published in 1936 by an African-American New York City mailman named Victor Hugo Green, who helped find friendly places for black travelers and advised them how to navigate a country that was at times openly hostile to such travelers. The book ceased publication in 1966 but the concept has been reborn in a remarkable new website called Green Book Global. The founder of the site is Lawrence Phillips, who I caught up with recently.

Everett Potter: What is Green Book Global?  

Lawrence Phillips: Green Book Global is a black travel review and online booking platform that is dedicated to inspiring and empowering black travelers to confidently explore the world by sharing “Traveling While Black” experiences for domestic and international destinations. What makes our site even more unique is that instead of rating activities, our community of black travelers’ rate destinations … continue reading

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