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Bucket List Travel Is Back – A New Luxury Way To Visit Angkor Wat

Pool service at Anantara Angkor Wat. Courtesy of Anaatara

By Larry Olmsted

“Wonders of the World” and “Bucket List” are terms that get thrown around a lot in the travel industry, often inappropriately. But there is no doubt that Angkor Wat, the top tourism destination in Cambodia, easily qualifies for both. In terms of ruins and manmade sites, there are few in the world that can compare. I’ve been to most of the big pyramid complexes in Mexico, to Machu Picchu, to the Coliseum, and other special sites, and I’d put Angkor Wat ahead of anything I’ve seen in this vein. It’s also much bigger, so more worth a special trip.

For the past two years I’ve long been predicting a surge in Bucket List travel, because the pandemic helped people realize that life is short and unpredictable, and the things you put off may never come around – plus, who knows what the next shoe to drop might be? Travel is getting easier again as things reopen from pandemic closures, so if Angkor Wat is one of those places you planned to see “someday” – and it should be – you might just want to make someday now … continue reading


Award-winning travel journalist Larry Olmsted is the author of “Real Food, Fake Food.” He is a Contributing Editor to US Airways Magazine and Cigar Aficionado Magazine and “The Great Life” columnist for Forbes.com. His newest book is“Fans: How Watching Sports Makes Us Happer, Healthier, and More Understanding.” 

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