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3 Essentials For Winter Road Trips


By Everett Potter

Whether you’re heading to the Rockies, exploring the Florida Keys or planning a long drive through the Southwest this winter, its pays to be prepared. Road trips always have their share of the unexpected, and that’s especially true in winter, when weather-related issues can make travel hazardous. Here are three essentials that you might want to have stashed in your trunk.

MyMedic MyFAK

MyMedic is a Salt Lake City-based company that makes a range of first aid kits, aimed at car travelers and boaters but also backcountry adventurers and first responders. The company was founded by a family that lost a loved one in a car accident, and the situation involved lack of equipment, lack of proper training, and a long wait for emergency medical services to arrive. The MyMedic MyFAK (First Aid Kit) is ideal for road warriors and comes in a small grab-and-go mini-backpack … continue reading 

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