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Night Train Service Expands In Europe

A Nightjet Train. Photo Nightjet.

By Everett Potter

In the heyday of rail travel, when Agatha Christie was penning Murder on the Orient Express, overnight trains crisscrossed the European continent. Yet many of those routes had all but ended about a decade ago, as trains fell out of favor and low-cost airlines and inexpensive buses allowed travelers to get from A to B in Europe for a lot less money and a lot less style.

What was lost was the romance and glamor of the rails. The good news is that these classic trains are returning. Austrian Federal Railways and SBB, the Swiss Rail Network, have been in the forefront of new sleeper service in the past few years. Now two private companies, European Sleeper and Midnight Trains, have announced their new night train service is coming to Europe in the next few years … continue reading

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