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8 Great Products for When You’re on the Go

By Gerrie Summers

As travel continues to open up, my inbox is starting to pick up with suggestions for what to take on the road and on the plane. I was naturally attracted to items that promote well-being and comfort. Here are eight that will have you good to go. 


I’ve often joked that when I venture back out into the wild blue yonder, I’m seriously considering wearing a hazmat suit. Fortunately I don’t have to embarrass myself because BioRomper (above) has got me covered — from head-to-toe—and in style. The BioRomper is a jumpsuit that places a layer of stretchable fabric between you and germ-filled surfaces, and keeps clothes worn underneath from getting soiled. I liken it to a wearable spandex blanket, because it can also keep you from freezing in those often frigid cabins. There was enough space for me to pull it on over an XL baggy t-shirt and shorts, and it still looked good. The BioRomper is a sustainable garment, made from recycled, lightweight yet durable antimicrobial fabric that’s machine-washable. It’s also comfortable with an elastic waist and cuffs, a cinch-able hood and pocket space to hold a passport and other items. It comes with a matching BioRomper mask and drawstring carry bag. The BioRomper is unisex, available in several sizes and two colors, Jet Black and Aviator Green. $199.99. BioRomper.com.

Hypervolt Go

If you’re active while on the go, whether it be working out, golfing, playing tennis, swimming or hiking, sometimes you can overdo it. If you need relief for muscle pain (especially if you can’t get to, or don’t have time to go to the spa) this handheld percussion massager is the answer. It uses targeted pulses of pressure to help relieve muscle pain, stiffness and soreness, and can also help increase range of motion. It has three speeds that can be cycled through without lifting a finger. It has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and is TSA approved for carry on. The Hypervolt Go is lightweight (1.5 lb.) and comes with two head attachments (flat and bullet shaped) plus a power cord with 4 plug adapters useful for international travel. $199. hyperice.com.

BlendJet 2

My house blender is on hiatus because of this little gem. BlendJet 2 is powerful mini blender that you can take almost anywhere—from your kitchen, to the beach, to the picnic, in the RV and on vacation. It doubles as a portable blender for smoothies, shakes, lattes and cocktails, and a mini food processor for guacamole, salsa, dips, dressing and more, blending in just 20 seconds (even ice and frozen fruit). There are convenient measurement markings on the 16 ounce capacity container. Another thing that makes it convenient—you can drink your smoothies straight from the jar. Cleaning is easy. Just add a drop of soap to water, blend for a cycle and rinse. Blend Jet 2 has a water-resistant USB-C port (cable is included) and is available in 18 colors. $49.95. There are also JetPacks, (ready-to-blend smoothie mixes), available for purchase to blend in milk or water. blendjet.com.

Athletic Greens Travel Packs 

I want to keep my immune system strong, which is a must while traveling. Quite often I run into digestive issues from either too much food or the wrong kind of food. Frequent travel can also wear you down. Athletic Greens Travel Packs have a 30-day supply of individual Athletic Greens packets, (no refrigeration required), that can be added to water and provide you with antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins like vitamin C and zinc, and superfoods to help you stay healthy and energized while on the go. $107. athleticgreens.com.

Glo Pure Bottle

This self-cleaning bottle not only helps keep plastic bottles from landfills, it also purifies water. The Glo Pure Bottle contains a UV-C LED light that neutralizes up to 99.9% of harmful and odor-causing germs, and a USB rechargeable battery. One charge lasts through 30 purification cycles. (You have to screw the cap on tight  to get the purification feature to activate, which is part of a safety feature to protect you from the UV light). The bottle keeps water cold for 24 hours. $49.90. us.glo910.com.


These earphones from Masters & Dynamic are “designed for those always on the move” and  built to withstand tough workouts and travel. MW07 Go True Wireless Earphones are sweat and water resistant (with a IPX6 water resistance rating), and has a 10 hour battery life. They’re lightweight and durable, with great sound quality. You can use one or both earphones for listening and it comes with three Fit Wing sizes and ear tips in five sizes, for a secure, custom in-ear fit. Also included is a quick charging case. The MW07 Go is available in five colors. $199. masterdynamic.com.

Pluto Pillow

I’ve known travelers to take their own sheets and pillowcases on the road, so why not a pillow? Pluto makes pillows custom built to your body stats, sleep style and personal preferences gleaned via an online questionnaire. The data you supply goes through an algorithm to select the materials that will go into a bespoke pillow crafted to provide you with optimal sleep. The Pluto Pillow has a modular design that is referred to as a pillow within a pillow — with a (CertiPUR-US) certified foam core (no ozone depleters and other harmful substances) encased in a removable plush cover that can have high thread count cotton, quilted knit, or a cooling surface, etc., depending on your answers. $95 plutopillow.com.

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Hey Dewy

Hew Dewy is a portable humidifier compact and light enough to take on the road and use year round. Humidifiers help bring moisture to the air which is useful for combating dry skin from the cold, dry air of air conditioners or dry heat. If the skin health aspect doesn’t move you, humidifiers also help relieve allergy symptoms and reduce nasal congestion from colds and flu. The vapors lubricate nasal passages, making breathing easier during the cooler months and climates, and when you’re subjected to dry heat and in-flight viruses. Hey Dewy is charged via a USB plug for 8 hours of continuous mist and is available in Pearl, Black and Charcoal. $39. HeyDewy.com.



Gerrie Summers is a New York based freelance writer and has been writing professionally for several years in the areas of entertainment, beauty, lifestyle, travel and wellness. She is a regular contributor to Sisters from AARP and The Mindfulness Journal. Her travel features have appeared in Luxury Living Magazine, New York Lifestyles, Foxnews.com, Trip Savvy, For the Bride and Today’s Black Woman. She also writes the blogs SummersRetreat and The Tranquil Traveler.



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