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The Beautiful Pasta You Probably Don’t Know About But Should

Corzetti, a unique engraved pasta, dates from the Middle Ages. Photo: Courtesy of Enrica Monzani, A Small Kitchen in Genoa

By Catherine Sabino

Pasta’s many forms range from commonly known versions like fettucine to such lesser-known varieties as the threaded sheets of Sardinia’s su filindeu, or the stuffed cjarsons, an Alpine ravioli, from Friuli. But one version stands out among the myriad shapes—corzetti (also known as croxetti), a unique, engraved pasta found in Liguria, Italy’s sea-fronting region that runs from the Côte d’Azur to Tuscany.

Most references date corzetti to the Middle Ages, but it’s a pasta that has survived to this day, thanks to the efforts of a group of artisans, chefs, and cooking experts like Enrica Monzani of A Small Kitchen in Genoa, a website devoted to the historical culinary traditions of Liguria.

Monzani calls the pasta “edible art” … continue reading





Catherine Sabino has worked for magazines in Italy and the US, and was editor-in-chief of Forbes Special Interest Publications, Gotham Magazine and Four Seasons Magazine, a travel and lifestyle publication. In addition to living and going to school in Italy, she has written two books on Italian design, published by Crown/Clarkson Potter, and has produced features from many regions in Italy and countries in Europe. Her focus is on travel in Italy and Western Europe.

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