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Travel Is Coming Back Quickly – Will You Be Ready? Best Travel Gear

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By Larry Olmsted

Amidst a global rollout of coronavirus vaccine, the travel industry is gearing up for a post-pandemic resurgence in both leisure vacations and business trips. The White House has announced that everyone who wants to go through the vaccination process can do so by the end of May, and things are moving quickly in many other countries. As a result, many observers foresee a lot of the international travel restrictions easing before the end of spring.

This means that more than a year of pent-up demand will collide with the normally very busy summer vacation season, potentially creating a huge spike, especially to the most popular and desirable seasonal destinations, places like Europe, summer-centric beach spots, and many natural and outdoor destinations such as National Parks, campgrounds, ranches and glamping resorts, as this kind of travel already saw a huge surge of interest during the pandemic and is expected to enjoy continued widespread appeal.

But no matter where you may be headed, or when you feel it is safe to travel again, one key to making travel more enjoyable, is having the right gear, especially when flying is involved. This is something I have followed and covered for many years, and I have used my pandemonic down time to stay on top of the latest and greatest gear to make your travels better, whether you are loading up the car for a road trip, or especially if you have to face crowded airports and planes for the first time in a long time … continue reading


Award-winning travel journalist Larry Olmsted is the author of “Real Food, Fake Food.” He is a Contributing Editor to US Airways Magazine and Cigar Aficionado Magazine and “The Great Life” columnist for Forbes.com. His newest book is“Fans: How Watching Sports Makes Us Happer, Healthier, and More Understanding.” 

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