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Inspired Travel from Trufflepig

The coast of Italy. Credit Trufflepig.

By Everett Potter

Starting to plan a memorable trip for later this year? Lots of people will tell you to contact a travel advisor. But for intrepid, off-the-beaten-path, this-is-utterly-amazing kind of travel, it’s a very short list. At the top you’ll find Trufflepig, a Toronto-based company with a young and energetic staff and a vision for a certain type of travel. They were glamping years before everyone was doing it, going to countries that were remote and off the grid long before anyone else thought it was a good idea. The best way to describe them is to let them speak for themselves. So I turned to co-founder Greg Sacks, whom I met in Morocco back in the 90’s during his days at Butterfield & Robinson, to explain what sets Trufflepig apart from the pack … continue reading

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