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Three Palatial Swiss Hotels I Want To Revisit

Grand Hotel du Lac. Photo Grand Hotel du Lac.

By Everett Potter

When all of this is over – and we all know what “this” is – there are hotels around the world that I can’t wait to return to. Three of the best are in Switzerland, a country where the concept of five-star luxury was more or less invented, if not perfected. Here are three properties that I hope to check into when the Covid-19 coast is clear.


Grand Hotel du Lac, Vevey

The Grand Hotel du Lac is an 1868 dowager where exiled royals stayed for months, back in the days when royals did such things. Set along the shores of Lake Geneva in the quiet Swiss city of Vevey, it has views across the lake to the snowcapped French Alps. The English especially loved Vevey. So did writers like Henry James and Anita Brookner, who set her novel Hotel du Lac here …

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