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Why Right Now Is The Best Time To Plan Your Travel Bucket List


Grand Hotel du Lac, Vevey, Switzerland

By Larry Olmsted

“When we travel again, having had time to think about how much we miss traveling and exploring, will we do anything differently? Will we make better use of our time investment by ensuring that our travels have a defined goal in mind?”

I sure hope so.

The question above was posed by Philippe Brown, founder of London-based Brown and Hudson, one of the world’s top bespoke travel agencies, in a personal essay he recently wrote titled, “Why Travel At All?” He argues that many of us have been traveling for the wrong reasons, putting the ‘where’ above the ‘why,’ and I agree with much of what he says. Fortunately, this is a perfect opportunity to change all that with a new leisure paradigm.

Travel advice is something I have dispended freely and expertly for the past two decades, but once the coronavirus pandemic and spread of COVID-19 began, people stopped asking about it.

Now it’s starting again. One friend was thinking about planning a trip out to the great Western National Parks in August …


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