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Will Glamping Emerge As The Ideal Vacation For Social Distancing?

By Everett Potter

When we start to travel again, it seems reasonable to expect that more people will consider a glamping vacation. Glamping refers to a permanent or semi-permanent structure located in distinctly beautiful and desirable locations in nature – think forest, desert, seaside, and other remote locations. Some glamping locations offer safari-style tents, platform tents, small cabins or even repurposed or new travel trailers. Luxury varies, but creature comforts tend to be at the forefront, along with very private locations that are seemingly made for social distancing.

The better-known glamping projects include Collective Retreats, with glamping locations that include Governors Island in New York Harbor. There’s also Getaway, which has built tiny cabins in woodland clusters. Smaller players like ROAM Beyond have staked out a claim in the Pacific Northwest. Then there’s AutoCamp (above), a California-based company that owns and operates luxury glamping resorts in Santa Barbara, Russian River Valley, Yosemite National Park Cape Cod, the latter scheduled to open in the fall of 2020.

The hallmark of AutoCamp is their fleet of custom, mid-century modern trailers that are produced by Airstream exclusively for the company. They feature …

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