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Where To Rent Gear For That Post-Coronavirus Walk In The Woods

By Everett Potter

When travel resumes, there are many observers who think that venturing into the great outdoors will have wide appeal. After all, hiking and backpacking are ready-made for social distancing. Even now, before restrictions have been lifted, people are heading off into the woods and mountains for some exercise, solitude and recreation. For seasoned backpackers, it’s an easy call.

But how about for those who’ve never done it? Should they run out and spend a lot of money on gear that they may or may not ever use again? Enter Arrive Outdoors, a company that rents most everything that newbies could need for a weekend or weeklong trek in the woods. I caught up with company co-founder Rachelle Snyder to learn how it works.

Everett Potter: Rachelle, where did you come up with the idea for Arrive?

Rachelle Snyder: Arrive Outdoors was started by myself and Ross Richmond, Co-founder, COO and my husband. We got the idea after we moved from Boston to Los Angeles. We had to fit everything into a pod that would be shipped across the country and our old outdoor gear didn’t quite make the cut. Upon moving to LA, we realized the amazing outdoor access we had on all sides. We could drive east to the desert, north to the mountains and west to the ocean all within an hour or so …


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