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When Can We Go On An Adventure Again?

Biking with Backroads in Austria and the Czech Republic. Credit Backroads.

By Everett Potter

It’s not just hotels, airlines, cruise lines that have been impacted by the stay-at-home bans to curb the coronavirus. The adventure travel industry, which is comprised of many small family-owned outfitters, has taken a devastating hit. I caught up with Shannon Stowell, the CEO of the Adventure Travel Trade Association, to get his viewpoint on what the future holds for the industry.


Wild Atlantic Way


Everett Potter: Shannon, you’re in Washington State, which was hit early on. What do you see for adventure travel for the remainder of 2020?

Shannon Stowell: It’s hard to say but what I’m hearing is that the front edge will likely be June or July but I think this will be only the most intrepid or very necessary travel. I think the masses will not be moving back onto planes much in 2020. That being said, there are things that could impact that depending on where we are at in the infections/recovery cycles …


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